July 23, 2024

What To Do When The Blog Traffic Is Low (Decrease) Tips

Friends, many bloggers started blogging many years ago. They all have their own blogging experience. We can easily become successful bloggers by following the stated things. Today in this post, we’re going to tell you 10 blogging secrets of top bloggers. If you are a new blogger then this post could be very helpful to you. Try reading this post carefully from start to finish.

If you have a blog, you should be well aware that blogging is not easy. When blog was not created, it was thought that it was very easy to create and manage a blog. But after creating the blog, I gradually realized that blogging is not as easy as we thought.

Lots of people blog, but only a few make it so successful. One achieves success easily in a short time and takes time to achieve success. To achieve success in today’s era, one needs to do it day and night. Some people just don’t have patience. If you started blogging and you’re not getting good results, quit blogging.

In my experience, nowadays no one can succeed in blogging without patience. You cannot achieve success in blogging overnight. If you really want to make blogging your profession, you have to work hard day and night.

There are now many bloggers who have been blogging for many years. He has learned a lot on his blogging journey and knows very well blogging. They have some blogging secrets. Those who follow the new blogger can easily become successful bloggers. Achieving success is a huge task for a new blogger.

Do not be sad! Here we will tell you some amazing secrets of top bloggers. Any new blogger can easily achieve success. Here we will also tell some basic blogging secrets. So that the new blogger can understand easily.

10 Blogging Secrets from Top Bloggers: Which Can Make You a Successful Blogger.

Internal and External linking:

Top bloggers know the value of internal linking in blog posts, so we have placed it at the top here. Perhaps few new bloggers know that internet linking is the best way of post optimization. This will help to bring blog posts to the top in Google SERP and will also help your readers to stay in the blog for a long time. For a better result, try adding internal link to the top of the post.

In my case, even in the early days, it was a big mistake that I did not add internal links to the post. Actually, I also had some compulsions at that time, due to which I could not add links to other posts in my blog post.

If you too are making a mistake like me, then I will tell you that it will take some more time to do the internal link but it will give you a lot of benefit. Perhaps you do not know its value right now, but in the coming time when you will know its value, you will regret a lot.

Apart from this, it is very important to add external link in the post. It also has SEO benefits. If you add external link properly in post then your value in search engine will be high. For example, if you add a link to Google, Facebook or any other popular site in the post, then Google bot will start giving more value to your site.

When you add an external link in a post, only one thing to keep in mind is to add the attribute of “Nofollow” to sites with low quality. If you do not add the attribute of nofollow to sites of low quality, then Google can also give penalty to your site and your site can be removed from Google forever. If you are adding a link to a popular site, then do not add nofollow attribute to it.

Finally, you have to manage both internal and external types of links in your blog properly. This has SEO benefits, so sometimes it also proves dangerous for SEO. Almost all big bloggers follow it.


Many new bloggers would go to the Chowk after hearing the name of the keyword. Just as you would know by its name. Key + Word This will also let you know about its value. However, it is basic but its value is very high near big bloggers.

In Google, some words have more value, we call these keywords. If you want to bring the post to the best position in the search engine, then this is the best way for you. Yes, keyword is the best way to bring Post to the best ranking in Google SERP. When you use a keyword with good rank in the post, then google will start giving more value to it.

There are many free and paid online tools to do Keyword Research. You can easily do keyword research for free from Google Planner’s madd. With this you can find related keywords from your post. For this you can also use paid tools like SemRush.

Now you have found the keyword to use in the post. Now you can add it to the 1st and last paragraph of the post. Apart from this, you can also use keywords in headings within the post. If you add a keyword to the body of the post, then highlight it by bold or italic.

Using the keyword in the title and URL of the post is very important. Because the search engine title, url, description first highlights. If you use keywords in it, then definitely you will be indexed in good position in the search engine.

Regular posts:

In today’s time, visitors like that blog the most, in which regular posts are updated. You will also visit such blogs occasionally, which do not have regular post updates. Similarly, if you also have a blog, then your blog visitors will also want that you keep updating new posts regularly.

Top blogger keeps posting a lot of posts in his blog. You will see any big blogger that regular posts are updated in his blog from time to time. They know that posting regularly is the easiest way to grow a blog.

When you publish a regular post, it will not reduce your visitors. Gradually the traffic of your blog will continue to increase. If you are a new blogger, then I would suggest that you post regularly in the blog. If you post very irregularly in the blog, then the number of your visitors will decrease day by day.

Keep Patience:

First of all, we tell you about the past. Making money by making a blog a few years ago is very easy. At that time, after creating a blog, the result was found very quickly. At that time it was very easy to become a success after creating a blog. If you wrote a blog and wrote 50 – 60 posts, you would have earned thousands.

Now, right now you will find lots of blogs on a single topic. This is why it is much more difficult to succeed in blogging today than before. If you do a Google search, you will find many posts of the same title. In such a situation, creating a blog and succeeding in it is a very big challange.

If you are a new blogger and you have written a lot of posts in the blog but still have not got the result from it, then you have no other option other than “Patience”. If you are patient and continue your work, you will get the result very soon.

I often see that some people make a blog with great enthusiasm that they will earn money from it. But when we create a blog and update a few posts in it. After that, if he does not get good results, then he stops blogging. All their hard work is wasted.

If you do this, then I would like to tell them that the hard work you are doing now, the other blogger works even harder than that. Many people give a car night and day to make income from blogging. If you have made a blog, then you cannot make income from it overnight.

For the inspiration of all of you, let me tell you that it has been more than 2 years since I created this blog and I have written more than 400 posts in it but I have made income just few days before this. I used to be upset like all of you, but I kept patience. If I do not have patience and quit blogging, then today I would not be able to make income from the blog.

Well, if I get time, I will tell you about it in details. But now I just want to tell you that if you are a new blogger, then invest money in the blog now rather than thinking of making income from it. If you think about income from now, it will be very difficult for you to take the blog to success level.

Understand Your Visitors Need:

A successful blogger always writes posts in the blog, keeping in mind the needs of his visitors. This is the best way to generate a post ideas. If you have enabled the commenting system in your blog, then visitors will be commenting on your blog. Sometimes such comments will also come in which your reader will ask you to write a post on a topic, seeing their need.

Often, people ignore such comments. But I understand this is our very stupid. We should first see the needs of our visitors. If you write a post on the request of the visitor, then it will help the visitors and if their problem is solved, then they will increase the popularity of the blog and become permanent visitors of your blog.

Google also tells you that first look at the needs of your readers. If readers like your blog then definitely Google will like it too. Always treat your visitors as a friend so that slowly you get to know them. If your visitors will ever have a problem, then they will be able to tell you in front of you and you will be able to help them.

Stick with your niche:

Whenever a person creates his blog, the most critical decision in front of him is “Niche”. There are many blogging niches but 1 or 2 niches among them have to be selected and write a post in it.

I often see many new bloggers doing one big thing, that they select many niche in their blog. This makes him unable to focus on any one topic on his blog. Going forward, they will realize this mistake.

If you select a niche for your blog, then you will focus on it well, then you will be able to explain small things on that topic very well. This will not take much time for your blog to grow. You will be able to make a blog successful in a short time.

To select the perfect niche for the blog, select the topic on which you have knowledge and interest. It would be best that you select a different niche. By choosing a niche on which there are very few blogs, you will easily be able to make the blog successful.

After selecting the niche for the blog, get a good information about that topic. Start writing posts from basic on it and slowly write posts to advanced level. If you do not focus on basic, then you have to focus on it. Therefore, it has to be kept in mind from now on.

Add great titles:

65% of people click on our blog post title only after seeing it. When you visit a blog, first of all, your eyes will fall on the title of the post. If you find the title interesting, then you must have read the entire post by clicking on it. I am telling you according to my experience, it may not be so.

You must have seen in youtube videos that its title is so interesting, so that if our eyes fall on it, then do not proceed without clicking on it. Big bloggers also write similar titles in their blogs. Writing such an eye-catching title is also an art. Through this you can get millions of views in your blog post.

I also told in the above that by writing a good title in the post, you can get millions of pageviews. You can use at least 40 and maximum 60 characters only. Using the keyword in it is the most important. Also keep in mind that both the title and the URL query of the post should not be the same.

Post original content:

I agree that all the top bloggers take the idea of ​​writing posts from other blogs. However, everyone explain and explain in their own style in the post. I also do not put 100% original content in my blog. However, I write in the post myself, but in the idea, I read it from another blog.

Similarly, every blogger takes the idea of ​​writing a post from another blog. But some bloggers copy the written content and direct it on their blog. Till date I have not even heard that someone became a successful blogger by putting copyrighted content in the blog.

Suppose you have become a successful blogger by putting copyright content in the blog. But when your visitors come to know about it, they will not like to come to your blog again.

If you really want to blogging, then always share the original content in the blog. You can take the idea of ​​writing a post from another blog, but explain it according to your own post.

Search Good Writer:

If you have time and you write a post by yourself, then it is not for you. Many people do not have enough time to write a post, so they hire a writer and write a post. There are many things to keep in mind while hiring a content writer for a blog.

If you do not choose a good writer, then your blog post will not be good. This mistake can become a wall for you to become a successful blogger. When you give money to the writer to get the content written, then they should also come to write a good post.

By the way, nowadays everyone considers himself a good writer and keeps writing a writer in the profession in the social media profile. Look at some posts written by you that you are going to hire. If he explains and explains it well then you can hire him.

Add visual effects:

A blogger should not just come for writing but should also come with photo editing and blog designing. If they only know how to write then they are unable to manage their blog properly. Don’t worry if you are a new blogger. Along with writing slowly, photo editing, coding and more will come.

Some people have been blogging for many years, but still they do not know photo editing properly. In such a situation, they will have to learn photo editing from youtube or any other source. It is also very important for a blogger to have knowledge of coding. This will give a better look to the blog.

Final Thoughts,

All these blogging secrets have been told by many old and big bloggers. You must have also heard from many bloggers. If you are a blogger then follow all these things so that you will soon become a successful blogger. If you have any question related to this post, then comment below and tell. If you liked the post, then comment and also share in social media.

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